About the Artist

The Calming Cauldron is owned and operated solely by queer New Jersey native Brielle.

Brielle has a BA in English with a minor in Journalism as well as an AA in Music. After graduating they became involved with many regional and community theatres, including founding some of their own. Brielle can be found doing all sorts of work behind the scenes as well as (occasionally) in the spotlight.

If they are not at their full time job or at a theatre, you can find Brielle reading down the shore, falling into the internet void, or getting lost in nature.

At the core of all their art making in all forms is the thought that, even if it is slight, Brielle can brighten someone's day. They love to help people in whatever way they can and would like to think it shines through in their art.

Brielle is very interested in the power of self-love and kindness, unpacking trauma, and going against societal standards of "normalcy." They wanted to combine that with their knowledge and understanding of herbs, flowers, and crystals in addition to holding themselves accountable to learn more about them. They wanted to bring the growing tangible evidence of this vision to as many people as possible through The Calming Cauldron.